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Save Money

It would cost you hundreds of hours of time to research and identify the top sales recruiters in the United States. We have done the leg work and have been in business since 2003. Time is Money!

Save Time

Our system will save you time. We have been around since 2003 and have over 1500 sales recruiters registered to receive resumes from our service. Why do the work yourself? Get your resume to sales recruiters today!

Work & Life Balance

How is your current work life balance? With national unemployment hovering at 3%, employers are competing for top sales talent. Why continue to be miserable in your current dead end sales job? Get the job your deserve!

Why Choose

If you are experienced sales professional or someone with a solid clinical background, you will find our service to be an excellent tool to help you network with top executive sales recruiters in addition to top medical sales recruiters, & pharmaceutical sales recruiters. You can be confident in the fact that only the highest quality search firms in our network will receive your resume. There are a number of ways to get the attention of companies. One of the best and most proven ways to work directly with hiring managers in any field is to do so with recruiters who have a reputation of delivering top talent to their clients. A talented recruiter can help you sell your skills and get you the interviews you deserve. Using our sales specific resume distribution service is the most proactive way to help you faciliate your next career move! Order our service today!


In The Sales Profession, Your Attitude Dictates Your Altitude!

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30-60-90 Day Sales Plan

After ordering our service you will receive a download containing our 30-60-90 Business Plan for Sales. This sales plan is meant to be an example and can be cornerstone to starting your new sales position on the right track. It is a mindset. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail!

Sales Resume Templates

After ordering our service you will receive a download containing our resume templates for Sales. If you go to our FAQ page, you can also see some sample resume templates that you may want to use prior to sending your resume directly to the sales recruiters. In the sales profession, you want to be results oriented an their is a preferred method to share those results in a resume format.

Common Interview Questions

After ordering our service you will receive a download containing common interview questions for the sales profession. It never hurts to be prepared for many different types of questions you may experience in your upcoming interviews. These interview questions may be a valuable tool in helping you ace your next interview.

Interview Tips

After ordering our service you will receive a download containing our interview tips. Interview tips can range from what to wear, to what types of questions you need to come prepared with, to the best way to research an opportunity prior to the interview. At, we want to ensure our candidates are prepared to ace their next interview!

Job Search Tips

After ordering our service you will receive a download containing our Job Search tips. The market has changed over the years and we want to give our sales candidates the best tools to succeed!

List of Sales Recruiting Firms

After ordering our service you will receive a download containing our list of sales recruiting firms. This will be helpful in your follow up and you will want to research the firms you work with to ensure it is a good fit for your career goals. LinkedIn can be a great tool to cross reference your recruiting firm contacts and connect professionally.

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How Our Service Works

Select the appropriate service for your career needs and pay for the service with a credit card. The payment will be processed by Paypal over their secure payment network. After you have paid, you will be taken to the "Resume Upload" page where you will enter your career preferences and upload your resume. After you have uploaded your resume, will then distribute your resume via e-mail to 1500+ medical sales, pharmaceutical, biotech sales, or sales recruiting firms depending on the service option that you have requested.

After ordering our service you will receive the list of sales recruiting firms in addition to links that include downloads containing our interview tips, 30-60-90 Day Business Plan for Medical Sales, resume templates, and job board links to help you navigate your next interview.  Best of luck in your career search!