Affiliate FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Click Here to Join - The registration process takes less than 10 minutes. You simply register your recruiting firms name, your website domain name, your address, and other pertinent information so we know who to cut the checks to on the commission you have earned.
The commission threshold is set at 30%. The commission that you can earn based on that threshold is unlimited. If you have 10 orders being process off your website referral in a given month and the average order was $40, you would earn $120 in commission for the month. If you did that for 12 months it would put an extra $1440 dollars in revenue for the year. That is a very typical scenario for our recruiting affiliates. Realistically, depending on your motivation, the commission you can earn is unlimited. If you also make mention to the service to candidates that you speak with live on the phone you can earn much more than that.
NO – The affiliate program is FREE to Join for Sales Recruiting Firms.
Simply make sure you do a nice and professional job of posting our affiliate text link or banner on your website. will email blast candidates resume to sales recruiting firms like yours free of charge. We will also cut our recruiting firm affiliates a check once per quarter based on the revenue that is generated from your particular affiliate link. This is also tracked through world class affiliate program through M Tracker.
Click Here to Join -- The program is FREE and it only takes a few minutes to set up your account and gain access to your specific affiliate links and code to post your personal affiliate link on your website.
Where you place your link is entirely up to you. For maximum exposure and commission potential, it might not be a bad idea to post your link on the home page of your website or the candidate resources page. In addition, if you post a text link with your affiliate code in your email signature to candidates, that will also produce additional revenue for from your website.
You can go to the “Recruiter Affiliate Log In” page on the website. Be sure to save your user name and password so you can access the site and quantify the commission that you have earned.
SalesResumeBlaster uses an affiliate program that gives each individual recruiter affiliate a unique “customer code” and user name and password. The technology will track this “identifier” from your website to our payment portal when they click through to order. When the potential candidate has paid for the service, you will see a commission based on the total purchase price of our service. The threshold is set at 30%.
Commissions are paid quarterly. You will receive a check in the mail for commissions earned from the previous quarter. Enter your user name and password