Frequently Asked Questions

SalesResumeBlaster was designed by a consortium of leading sales recruiters and hiring sales managers. The techniques and resume templates in conjunction with networking with hundreds of sales recruiters differentiate you from other candidates who merely apply directly to companies without the benefit of working directly with industry leading sales recruiters. Provided you are remotely qualified, good sales recruiters will have relationships with industry sales managers at many of the leading companies and can help sell your skills for relevant available positions. This will provide a tremendous advantage to you in our job search. We are different from other services because we never inflate our recruiting firm numbers and have the most accurate lists related to specific medical, pharmaceutical, biotech sales recruiters & high end sales recruiters. We are a very TARGETED resume distribution service.
First of all, nearly 70% of the medical & pharmaceutical industry’s jobs are filled through medical and pharmaceutical sales recruiting firms. Secondly, if you are interested in networking outside of that industry we are very sales oriented target resume distribution service. Good sales recruiters will have relationships with industry sales managers at many of the leading companies and can help sell your skills for relevant available positions. This will provide a tremendous advantage to you in our job search.
A reason to utilize this service is that employer “job board access” is very expensive for recruiting firms and can cost tens of thousands of dollars and the return on that investment isn’t that great for the recruiting firms. Many recruiters don’t use job boards because they feel the quality of candidates on job boards is generally less skilled and possibly unemployed. In addition, everybody searches a little bit differently and if the recruiter doesn’t have your “keywords” entered specifically in the way that you entered them, they will not be able to find you effectively. You may upload your resume to a major job board and find yourself in “slot 50” in the search results! Recruiters will over look you then. If you rely strictly on job boards, you run the risk of not being found. That reason alone is a great reason to distribute your resume through SalesResumeBlaster.com. Recruiters will get your resume immediately and contact your for relevant openings.
The price of the service ranges from $39.99 to $49.99 depending on the level of service selected. For the greatest value, opt for the “Sales Star Combo Blast” and send your resume to over 1500+ recruiting firms throughout the U.S.
Generally if you have good experience in the industry the average person will receive between 8-15 phone calls following a distribution of your resume. More will follow throughout the year as the job market in your particular city evolves and other recruiters may want to network with you related to positions now and in the future. This service is an ultimate leverage point for your career because as the years go by and your career grows, recruiters will keep in contact with you related to relevant opportunities and advancement. You just never know if the timing and opportunity is right to make a change.
Your resume will be distributed immediately after payment has been received. Our technology is automated to accommodate an immediate resume distribution. You will also receive an email with personal access to your free bonus items after you have paid for the service.
With this service recruiter response rates vary related to the available positions and your qualifications. These aspects of business are out of our control. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with our service during the first 30 days of your resume blast, we will resend your resume 1 additional time within the first 30 days of the paying for the service.
No! Only recruiting firms will receive your resume. This service is not for employers. We believe that by working through recruiters, you increase your potential to get noticed by employers and also increase your odds of receiving a job offer as a result.
Microsoft for or RTF files are supported with our distribution database.
You can go to the https://www.salesresumeblaster.com/SRB_ResumeTemplate.doc section of our website and get some ideas for resume templates that are successful in the industry.
We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Paypal. Our merchant service is processed through Paypal Website Payments Pro. Paypal is a division of Ebay and has over 20 million unique customers and is a worldwide, world class, completely safe merchant solution for Ecommerce.
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